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Child Protection: A Global Responsibility

Posted over 4 years ago by Joshua Petersen

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March 26, 2014
Hotel Vetro, 2nd Floor, Iowa City

It has become clearer over the last decades that adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) have a significant impact on adult health and well-being. The results of a creening in Iowa showed that 55% of Iowans have experienced at least one type of ACE, including physical, sexual, or emotional child abuse; or family dysfunction, including substance abuse, mental illness, criminal activity, parental separation, or domestic violence. This forum will bring together local, regional, national, and international scholars working on this subject to encourage researchers in Iowa to increase their e-orts to understand the impact of ACEs on Iowa children and adults so that appropriate interventions can take place. Register for this free event at: http://international.uiowa.edu/research/provosts-global-forum